Android Mobile Mindset Programming

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android mindset programming

Although Android can support almost all of our formal activity but there are several factors that we have to consider for basic mindset before we start create or make some development.
These factors are really important,as we know that mobile devices such as android mobile is design for smart gadget which help us doing many things in everywhere anywhere.So mobile devices should really portable and easy to carry out.
Small and portable, mobile devices offer exciting opportunities for software development. Their limited screen size and reduced memory, storage, and processor power are far less exciting, and instead present some unique challenges.
Compared to desktop or notebook computers, mobile devices have relatively issue:
  1. Low processing power
  2. Limited RAM
  3. Limited permanent storage capacity
  4. Small screens with low resolution
  5. Higher costs associated with data transfer
  6. Slower data transfer rates with higher latency
  7. Less reliable data connections
  8. Limited battery life
So what is the mobile mindset programming to handle the issue.
Coding should Be Eficient
Manufacturers of embedded devices, particularly mobile devices, value small size and long battery life over potential improvements in processor speed. For developers, that means losing the head start traditionally afforded thanks to Moore’s law. The yearly performance improvements you’ll see in desktop and server hardware usually translate into smaller, more power-eficient mobiles without much improvement in processor power.
In practice, this means that you always need to optimize your code so that it runs quickly and responsively, assuming that hardware improvements over the lifetime of your software are unlikely to do you any favors.
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What Is Android

Diposkan oleh how to make create anything

What Is Android
Before we begin to be an android developer we should know what is Android, There's a thousand of books explaining about this but let me give a litle bit intro.Okay,Android is one of many system operation that runs on linux kernel and it design for smartphone.Android is a open source platform( open source means that everyone can take contributions to be some android developer.
Now the question is why Android is a the best operating system that we choose,well this is why :
  1. Complete platform ; so many tools will help you
  2. Open source ; feel free to create
  3. Free ; this is my favorite,no cost for license
Doesn't care if you're an experienced programmer or beginner, a desktop or web developer, or a complete programming novice, Android represents an exciting new opportunity to write innovative applications for mobile devices.
Despite the name, Android will not help you create an unstoppable army of emotionless robot
warriors on a relentless quest to cleanse the earth of the scourge of humanity. Instead, Android is an open source software stack that includes the operating system, middleware, and key application and function of mobile handsets.
Small, stylish, and versatile, modern mobile phones have become powerful tools that incorporate cameras, media players, GPS systems, and touch screens. As technology has evolved, mobile devices have become about more than simply making calls, but their software and development platforms have struggled to keep pace.
Until recently, mobile phones were largely closed environments built on proprietary operating
systems that required proprietary development tools. The phones themselves often prioritized
native applications over those written by third parties. This has introduced an artificial barrier
for developers hoping to build on increasingly powerful mobile hardware. Ground services, map-based activities, relational databases, interdevice peer-to-peer messaging, and 2D and 3D graphics.
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